Local economies around the world are under the spotlight for quite some time. The main reason is their relationship with the local businesses and global economic policy of a country. Local firms in rural regions are mainly focused on agriculture or tourism. Because of that, they gained a significant role in the general economy of a country or a region. In the core of their economy is a lack of a greater infrastructure and budget for more advanced projects. Having a reliable goods and services economy is the only way for these areas to prosper.

Local tourist attractions as small business opportunities

One of the options for elevating the local economy is by tourism. Areas which are rewarded with the great climate and beautiful landscapes have the advantage over the others. They have the resources that can be promoted in a service aimed to become a local tourist attraction of a given area. In India, for example, many rural places are competing against bigger cities to get the recognition of the tourists. With this approach, many of them have the chance to establish a consistent service in their region.

The importance of local tourist attractions to the local economy is enormous. Establishing a local service usually builds lasting connections among many different local businesses. That way, the local economy gets a reliable and progressive network of local businesses.

alleppey houseboat costLet’s take a look on how a local business based on selling goods or services can gather the other local businesses into a small network of entities that drive the profit into local budget.

How does a network of local businesses look like?

Alleppey Houseboat tours are an excellent example of building a strong network of local business. Alleppey or Alappuzha is one the headquarters of southern India’s state Kerala. The town is popularly referred to as “Venice of the East,” because of its beautiful landscapes and sceneries. The city is located on the coast with several canals, lagoons, beaches, and backwaters as a part of the landscape, not to mention the Alleppey houseboat cost is quite reasonable. On top of that, Alleppey is connected with other major cities in the area, which makes its position even more favorable among the tourists.

Despite the fact that Alleppey can offer a tremendous amount of historical and cultural tourist attractions, the local houseboat tour service is the leading tourist attraction in the city. The locals recognized the opportunity for developing a specialized service that is focused not on the sightseeing part of the tour, but also on additional services. A houseboat trip requires hiring hospitality staff, for serving the meals on tour and helping passengers with the accommodation. The passengers are staying for several days, depending on the package they choose, so cleaning services are also required. Many houseboat tours have a fixed daily menu, which consists of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, if a passenger wants an exclusive dish on his menu, that is arranged with the help of the local cooks and restaurants, or in line with the houseboat tour company’s capacities.

Alleppey Houseboat cost is determined by the price for the complete service included in the arrangement. That way, the local businesses that support houseboat tour are getting the share in the profit of the company that provides the first service. This is just one example of how a local business can bring benefits to the local economy in smaller parts of India like Kerala or Karnataka.