Kauai is known as the ultimate tropical paradise of Hawaii as there are lots of incredible and wonderful things to explore such as multicolor vistas of Waimea Canyon and Accordion-folded and velvety green cliffs of Napali Coast. There are lots of options for the hikers in the unspoiled beauty of this island and those, who’ve come to absorb some energy from Sun, prefer going to the beach.

If you want to feel relaxed that North Shore’s Hanalei Bay is the perfect place for you to go as its turquoise water provides you an incredible feeling. In other words, there is something for everyone’s taste. Whatever your hobbies are, you’ll love your tour Kauai tour as there are lots of interesting things for you to explore.

If you need some information about visiting Kauai, you may take a look at the Kauai Tourism Destinations and activities Reviewed by the County of Kauai because here we’re going to share some important and valuable tips with you that will help make your Kauai tour perfect.


Health is the most important thing that most people are worried about when they’re traveling to a new place. Hawaii is not only known as the Aloha State but it is also known as the Health State. There are a few health problems that you must keep in mind while visiting the islands even if the climate on islands is amazing.

LiveYourAloha Hawaiian Tours recommend that you must drink ample amount of water if you want to stay safe from dehydration. You must take plenty of rest and refreshments if you don’t have a habit of living in hot weather. You may also suffer from the tropical disease leptospirosis when visiting the freshwater streams, therefore, you need to be very careful.

Internet access

Kauai is an island where sometimes you can’t get in touch with your loved ones unless you’ve checked into a hotel that has the facility of the internet in it. Most the hotels and resorts in Kauai provide you the excellent quality internet speed but before you reserve a room in the hotel, you must make sure that whether they have the wireless internet connection or not.

Most of the hotels are using wireless internet connections these days but there are still others that are using the wired internet. If you don’t have the internet access at your hotel, you may go to the nearest coffee shop to use their internet as most of the coffee shops and café also provide you the facility of wireless internet.


You must consider following all the safety precautions that you follow when you’re in your hometown. Before making a decision to participate in an activity, make sure that you collect all the essential information about it because sometimes a quick and uninformed decision may put you at a great risk.

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